Plot 32

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Still here (reprise)

A long, long time since I updated the Blog. Happenings since:
i) I took a promotion, which was supposed to mean less work and more money - and in reality means more work, at the wrong time and a question mark as to whether the money's worth the extra hassle.
ii) I injured my back in a car accident when a cr**tin pulled out of a side road wrecking my pride and joy.
iii) The allotment shed blew over (yet again) in the February (?) storms.
iv) The owners of the allotment site put us onto a rolling contract (year to year) with a curious break clause.

Shed now anchored and, despite the lack of time, some things growing on the Plot - but not as much as I'd like. It looks like being another funny year - onion sets not doing so well and brassicas struggling to germinate; angelica disappeared. I also seem to be the only person who can kill Bocking comfrey. Parts of the Plot, once cleared, have travelled backwards but I may well post a pic - we have some lovely flowers in the middle of the Plot and the potatoes and rhubarb are rampant .....