Plot 32

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Birthday

A swift interrogation of my email account reveals that this is the first anniversary of the date I officially obtained Plot 32.
With work and the weather often against me, progress has been sporadic; however, growing on the plot (with the help of my parents) are:
rhubarb, red & white currant, angelica, gooseberry (2 types), asparagus, onion (3 types), garlic, broad bean, beetroot, turnip, radish, carrot, potato (4 types), mint (3+ types!), tomato (2 types), chive, foxglove, sweet william, lupin, peas, runner bean, french bean, sweetcorn, raspberry, thornless blackberry, strawberry and gherkin (struggling!).
Still to go in: African marigold, comfrey, spring onion, pak choi, another radish, lettuce, pumpkin, 2 more tomatoes.
Almost certainly too late for: sunflower, squash, limnanthes and brussels/caulis.

Have guttering on shed courtesy of pater. Will post new piccies soon - no sniggering!