Plot 32

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still here

A long time since I updated the Blog. Like many people I've had more than my share of failures this year. The runner beans were slow to start and 1 wigwam was devastated by slugs and snails. Most of the peas and French beans failed to germinate - unfortunately I was too slow off the mark to get any more started. Some seeds just didn't get sown at all. Despite the ravages of blight elsewhere on the site, we have been enjoying the potatoes - although the Moulin Rouge has fared badly and it remains to be seen whether the Caras will be a success. The tomatoes, which were hit, have hung on but I suspect that the lack of sun and warmth means that many will not ripen. Onions (Radar) and garlic have been a success. Am waiting on the sweetcorn!

Feels like Autumn's on the way - onto Autumn digging ...