Plot 32

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dogged digging ...

... a phrase I borrowed from someone else but I'm not sure who. Not at the Plot last weekend (too wet) but there the weekend before and today. Garlic not yet through - I'm starting to worry that I planted it too deep (unlikely) or that it's been so wet it's all rotted off. Will have to wait and see.
Still clearing parts of the Plot. Too wet at the far end, so concentrated on the near end - where the beans and peas will go. The weeds still seem to be growing but most are now annuals apart from a section of taprooted dandelions (?) and patches of couch grass.
The constant wet weather's a curse. Most of my fellow Plotholders seem to have cleared their plots and put them to bed - saw only one other soul in 3 hours.
Will post a list of the seeds I've bought shortly ...


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