Plot 32

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Seed / potatoes

I'm currently chitting my seed potatoes - 25 each of Arran Pilot and Cara, 14 Charlotte and 10 Moulin Rouge. Apart from those, the asparagus and the onions and garlic already planted, I shall be growing this year:
Carrot - Early Nantes and Autumn King; tomato - San Marzano; turnip - Purple Top Milan; pak choi - Green Revolution; sweetcorn - Sweet Sensation; beetroot - Detroit Globe; lettuce - Little Gem; spring onion - White Lisbon; pickling onion - Barletta; cauliflower - Snowball; radish - Sparkler 3; chilli - mixed; broad bean - The Sutton; French bean - Safari; gherkin - Bimbostar; petit pois - PeaWea. I'm likely to add Brussels sprouts - Breeze - and some choy sum.
Flower wise, I have numerous varieties of sweet pea, some African marigold and Limnanthes. Daughter is likely to add sunflower!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weather etc.

The storms of the last 2 weeks have resulted in a lot of damage to the roof of my house. Thinking I'd better check the Plot, I arrived there yesterday to find that my shed had been blown onto its back and the roof partially detached. A hasty telephone call to my parents and the fortuitous arrival of my "neighbour," Bob soon saw it righted - father and I then spent a couple of hours carrying out repairs. Will have to think about some sort of ground anchors.
Other "news:" spent part of New Year's Day digging, some of the garlic is now just beginning to show, the days are noticeably lengthening and I've just bought a couple of books on lunar planting, which I'm going to try.
Now, where's that seed list?