Plot 32

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Work and the wet weather mean that I've done very little by way of blogging and plotting. I did spend part of last weekend at the Plot and intended to go today but the lawns at home begged for their first cut of the year. Anyway, all of the garlic is now through and growing strongly and the onions seem to have over-wintered well. The rhubarb is beginning to grow and the gooseberry and currant I transplanted are beginning to bud. My potatoes have chitted well and my intention is to get the earlies in next weekend - 1st April is a root day and I'm trying lunar planting! Have just had 1500 litres of mushroom compost delivered - a bit pricey but it looks and smells great and comes from a company that supplies the National Trust. One small disaster is the Wild Asparagus ordered from OGC - another crop failure! Fortunately I think I've found an alternative supplier in Seeds of Italy - who I shall add to my links. I'm behind with several things - tonight (?) I'll be soaking my sweet peas with a view to starting them off tomorrow. Then there's tomatoes and broad beans. At least I've dusted off, refuelled and tested the rotavator, which still starts!