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Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm now the proud owner of a 3.5 hp cultivator (an Al-Ko MH350-4), which I bought off Ebay as a non-runner. The picture and description suggested it had had very little use, which was borne out by its appearance when I went to collect it. It was a bit of a gamble but, since it had been standing for 2 years(!), I suspected its problem was stale fuel. Drained the tank and refuelled it this morning - it started 5th pull!

Yes it's quite small and won't do the work of a Merry Tiller but I wanted something I could transport by car; in any event I've got quite good soil and I'm happy to do the Plot bit by bit.

Ironically, the day after I "won" this, the Mowerland tiller I'd been waiting to buy came back in stock ...


At 30 September, 2006, Blogger Greenmantle said...

Now that does look like a handy piece of kit! It's surprising how much benefit these small machines can be in breaking up the hand dug soil into beautiful tilth for planting.

I admire your tenacity in clearing all that week growth to start with, Fortunately not something I had to do when I first took my plot.

A great blog - I'll add it to my links so I can follow your endeavours from now on!

Good luck



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