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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Onions & Garlic

My onion sets and garlic have both now arrived, the garlic perhaps being delivered a little bit early. The organic Radar has been substituted with non-organic - apparently OGC's entire crop failed due to the weather! I'm going to try to get the onions in tomorrow, despite Dig My Plot's view that over-wintering them may be an invitation to white rot.

Incidentally, times certainly seem to have changed. My edition of The Vegetable Expert by Dr. Hessayon says in respect of garlic:
"Garlic has an important role in Continental but not in British cookery ..... If you are a beginner with garlic, you must use it very sparingly or you will be put off for ever ... You can try dropping a whole unskinned clove into a casserole or stew, removing it before serving. If by then you have lost a little of your garlic fear, you can try using crushed (not chopped) garlic in meat etc. as the Continentals do."
The date of publication? 1993!


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