Plot 32

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Autumn beds

Have been doing some serious weeding to create some clean ground for the onions, garlic and broad beans I hope to plant from Autumn. Part of the plot has been infested with a soft, fast growing type of grass which, although I was told could be dug in as green manure, I've been taking out for composting where the Autumn crops will go. The rest I will dig in. Once the soil has dried a little, my intention is to dig some manure into the beds and add some Super Dug (see website link) which is supposed to produce excellent results with vegetables.
Have used my azada (again see website link) for some top clearing of annual weeds etc. - it really is a great tool. It will probably replace the hoe come Summer.
Back to work next week so most things from now will have to be done over weekends and evenings :-(


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