Plot 32

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 2

View of the plot looking East.

Spent a couple of hours today taking out some of the "yellow" weed before it all "goes over" and forms dandelion-like seed heads. Not sure what it is but it has a tap root. Some of it was difficult to remove without breaking the root - not helped by the fact that the soil is now extremely dry and it is becoming apparent that the previous tenant left at least part of the plot hilled, without taking out last season's (?) potatoes. Rain is forecast but I'm not sure whether it will make it here over the next couple of days.

It is also becoming apparent that the better soil is towards the Western (far end) of the plot, so the nearer part is likely to become herb and fruit. Desperate to get some properly prepared soil and plant something, if only lettuce and radish ....


At 12 June, 2006, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...


I think your new plot would have been a winning entry at Chelsea … people pay thousands to get a wild flower area like that!

Good luck with converting it into a working allotment … and remember

“Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.” [Lou Erickson]

At 12 June, 2006, Anonymous Mildew said...

It's not the most practical of plots, but it sure is pretty! Lovely surroundings too. Good luck with it. I've had my plot for eight months and it's still covered in weeds. The best thing for it is to work on it bit by bit and grow something ASAP, nothing destroys the soul more than doing nowt but weeding.

At 12 June, 2006, Blogger Plot 32 said...

Help - not practical why?
Is it because of the time of year, the weed growth or something else ...

At 13 June, 2006, Anonymous Jean said...

Loved the quote about perspiration it remuinded me that every time I put suncream on my face then slog away at my lottie the combination of perspiration and suncream running into my eyes really,really stings!!!
The wildflowers are really beautifull-would love to collect some seeds for our school wildlife garden but alas here in Devon I'm a bit too far away!
Best wishes with your lottie-have added your blog to my favourites

At 13 June, 2006, Anonymous Mildew said...

As it's so weedy from what I saw of the pictures, it seems you can't immediately get down and start growing produce as there's lots of digging to get done first. That's all I meant really. Sorry, poor use of English that's all. Practical was completely the wrong word to use. Big apologies if I worried you.


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